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                         Dr. Kahn

Dr. Kahn is a holistic, mindful, and creative therapist.  She sees therapy as a sacred process through which clients reveal and reflect on the numerous facets of themselves, within the context of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. While growth can feel taxing and uncomfortable at times, it can also be fun.  She likes to incorporate humor and play into sessions, which offers another point of view and creates balance.

Dr. Kahn's therapeutic approach is largely based on Gestalt therapy, which takes into account all aspects of a person: mind, body, spirit, relationships, etc.  The most important aspect of Gestalt therapy is increasing awareness, because without it there can be no change.  When you are able to develop conscious awareness of all aspects of yourself, you can access your deeper sense of self, be more fully and creatively alive, release blocks and unfinished business, and experiment with new ways of being.  Gestalt therapy has its roots in psychodynamic theory, while also incorporating art, experiential exercises, experminentation, mindfulness, and relational tools. 

In order to promote your growth, Dr. Kahn will attend to your experience in the present moment, the therapeutic relationship, the environmental and social contexts of your life, and the self-regulation methods you utilize in order to adapt to and cope with your life situation.  Together you will explore all of who you are; identify your parts, discover their purpose, and develop an empowered relationship with them.  She will encourage you to own your process, challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone, and provide you with honest reflection and a compassionate heart.

Dr. Kahn provides individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults with the following issues: anxiety, chronic pain, depression, Dissociative Idenitity Disorder, existential issues, highly sensitive people, identity issues, LGBT, leadership coaching, major life changes, personal growth, PTSD, relational issues, spirituality, transitions, trauma, and wellness.

Dr. Kahn provides therapy on a sliding fee scale, as needed.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions you might have.

*A psychological assistant is a pre-licensed professional who has a doctorate degree in psychology. They are accruing hours toward licensure.  They are registered with the board of psychology in the state they conduct therapy and are employees of a supervising licensed psychologist.