Nesreen frost Ph.D.


PHONE: 858-295-1553             


                         Dr. Nesreen Frost

Nesreen Frost, PhD., is a psychological assistant under the supervision of Leah Robbins, Ph.D. Dr. Frost recently earned her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in multicultural studies from Alliant International University.  She has a long history of working with children and adults in a variety of settings.  She is most strongly grounded in humanistic, existential, attachment and eco psychology theory and methods. 

Dr. Frost believes that at the core of healing and growth is a solid and caring relationship with oneself and others.  She aims to foster this while addressing your specific needs.  Dr. Frost finds it important to honor each individual she meets with, and takes a uniquely tailored and collaborative approach to therapy. Pursuing your goals with creativity, compassion and humor can help make the “work” of therapy flow more naturally and comfortably.  Also coming from a holistic perspective, she will help you gain insight in addressing various aspects of your individualized healing process, which may include expressive art therapy, nature therapy, relational-cultural therapy as well as more traditional approaches.  She takes a mostly non-directive role as she identifies your strengths and encourages your own empowerment and freedom to transform your life by learning from your experiences and trusting your intuition. These skills will change the way you interact with yourself and others.

Dr. Frost offers unconditional acceptance and caring for her clients and makes room for you to express, explore and understand the many facets of your identity and how they may intersect and relate to the world around you.  Over time, the therapeutic relationship can foster a more soulful, balanced, intentional, and nourishing life.

Dr. Frost provides therapy on a sliding fee scale, as needed.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions you might have. 

*A psychological assistant is a pre-licensed professional who has a doctorate degree in psychology. They are accruing hours toward licensure.  They are registered with the board of psychology in the state they conduct therapy and are employees of a supervising licensed psychologist.